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  1. Little Red Songbook 38th Edition

    Little Red Songbook 38th Edition


    Celebrate the Centenary of Joe Hill's execution (November 19, 1915) by singing the songs of Joe Hill from the IWW's most popular publication since 1905!

    Songs of the IWW to fan the flames of discontent

    Now with new songs and your old favorites, the new 38th edition of the Little Red Songbook is now available!

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  2. Lucy Parsons: Freedom, Equality & Solidarity

    Lucy Parsons: Freedom, Equality & Solidarity


    Writings & Speeches, 1878-1937

    Edited & Introduced by Gale Ahrens

    with an afterword by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

    'MORE DANGEROUS THAN 1000 RIOTERS!' That's what the Chicago police called Lucy ParsonsAmerica's most defiant and persistent anarchist agitator, whose cross-country speaking tours inspired hundreds of thousands of working people. Her friends and admirers included William orris, Peter Kropotkin, 'Big Bill' Haywood, Ben Reitman, Sam Dolgoff -and the groups in which she was active were just as varied: the Knights of Labor, IWW, Dil Pickle Club, International Labor Defense, & others. Here for the first time is a hefty selection of her powerful writings & speeches-on anarchism, women, race matters, class war, the IWW, and the U.S. injustice system.

    'The most prominent black woman radical of the late nineteenth century, Lucy Parsons [was also] one of the brightest lights in the history of revolutionary socialism.'
    --Robin D. G. Kelley, in Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination.

    Edited and introduced by Gale Ahrens, here, for the first time, is a hefty selection of the writings and speeches of the woman the Chicago police called 'More dangerous than a thousand rioters!' 'Lucy Parsons' writings are among the best and strongest in the history of US anarchism. ...Her long and often traumatic experience of the capitalist injustice system - from the KKK terror in her youth, through Haymarket and the judicial murder of her husband, to the US government's war on the Wobblies - made her not 'just another victim' but an extraordinarily articulate witness to, and vehement crusader against, all injustice.' [from the introduction by Gale Ahrens] 'Lucy Parsons personae and historical role provide material for the makings of a truly exemplary figure.....anarchist, labor organizer, writer, editor, publisher, and dynamic speaker, a woman of color of mixed black, Mexican and Native American heritage, a founder of the 1880s Chicago Working women's Union that organized garment workers, called for equal pay for equal work, and even invited housewives to join with the demand of wages for housework; and later (1905) co-founder of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), which made the organizing of women and people of color a priority....For a better understanding of the concept of direct action and its implications, no other historical figure can match the lessons provided by Lucy Parsons.' [from the Afterword by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz]

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  3. Radical Works for Rebel Workers: Best of the IW 2015

    Radical Works for Rebel Workers: Best of the IW 2015


    Radical Works for Rebel Workers is a hand-picked collection of contemporary writing and imagery from a diverse crowd for the annual Working Writers Contest of the IWW. This Bilingual booklet features 10 contemporary works dealing with sexism, organizing, labor history and how to be a lifelong wobbly. Get two, and remember: IWW literature is better shared with a fellow worker! Learn More
  4. Sister of the Road: The Autobiography of Boxcar Bertha

    Sister of the Road: The Autobiography of Boxcar Bertha


    Another raging slab of real American history you're not likely to find in the textbooks. It's a window into a wildly under-appreciated dropout culture that gets left out of the stultifying fairytales that pass for history books—a much more rowdy and messily interesting tradition than the guardians of propriety, steeped in those other great American traditions of Puritanism and hypocrisy, let on. Hobo jungles, bughouses, whorehouses, Chicago's Main Stem, IWW meeting halls, skid rows, and open freight cars—these were the haunts of the free thinking and free loving Bertha Thompson. This vivid autobiography recounts one hell of a rugged woman's hard-living depression-era saga of misadventures with pimps, hopheads, murderers, yeggs, wobblies, and anarchists. Learn More
  5. The Deprived and Depraved

    The Deprived and Depraved


    Former-prisoner-turned-Wobbly, organizer and revolutionary Hybachi LeMar offers his invaluable perspective through this collection of writings. The Deprived and Depraved not only gives voice to the voiceless, but provides a clear call to action in the form of organizing the most oppressed, exploited and vilified in this society. Fellow Worker LeMar is currently incarcerated again. ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF HIS BOOK WILL BE SENT DIRECTLY TO HIM to help cover legal fees and other costs associated with incarceration. Additional donations with a note indicating your support of LeMar will also be forwarded to him. Learn More
  6. Think It Over

    Think It Over


    An Introduction To the Industrial Workers of the World

    by Tim Acott

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  7. You Better Work

    You Better Work


    Queer/Trans/Feminist workers' stories ***Procedes go to the IWW Sato Fund, which helps women, trans and gender non-conforming IWW members travel to and attend events. *** Content: Introduction by Colt Thundercat Bathrooms by Gyage Operaista Sexual Harassment by Grace Parker Beyond Fuck You: an organizer's apporach to confronting hateful language at work by FW Coeur de Bord Solidarity against sexism on the shop floor by angel Gardner-Kocher Requred Extraordinariness by Doug Jadzia Sembla Beyond Fuck You 2: workplace organizing against oppressive language and behavior My Body, My Rules: a case for rape and domestic violence survivors becoming workplace organizers by Liberte Locke Learn More

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