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  1. AIION Donations

    AIION Donations

    Starting at: $1.00

    All donations go to support the Amalgamated Inter-Industrial Organizing Network ( AIION ). Make a donation today, and show your support. Learn More
  2. GDC Donations

    GDC Donations

    Starting at: $1.00

    Show your support, and make a donations to the General Defense Committee today. Learn More
  3. Help IWW General Headquarters Recycle!

    Help IWW General Headquarters Recycle!


    Help IWW General Headquarters Recycle! Learn More
  4. Industrial Worker Donations

    Industrial Worker Donations

    Starting at: $1.00

    Support the Industrial Worker newspaper, and donate today. Learn More
  5. IWW.org Donations

    IWW.org Donations

    Starting at: $1.00

    Help support the IWW.org Administration Committee (IAC) and donate today! Learn More
  6. OTC Donations

    OTC Donations

    Starting at: $1.00

    Make a donations and show your support for the Organizer Training Committee today. Learn More
  7. Sato Fund Donations

    Sato Fund Donations


    Donate to the Sato Fund! This fund, established in memory of fellow worker Charlie Sato, helps our members who are women, genderqueer or trans men to attend important meetings like our annual international convention by contributing to their travel costs. A tireless fighter for social justice and the rights of working people, Charlie was a supporter of the Hawaiian-based LACASA (a Latin-American solidarity organization) and the People's Fund, other projects in Europe, Australia and Japan, and an active member of the O'ahu General Membership Branch of the IWW. Learn More
  8. Starbucks Workers Union Donation

    Starbucks Workers Union Donation

    Starting at: $1.00

    Show your support, and make a donations to the Starbucks Workers Union today. Learn More
  9. The Deprived and Depraved

    The Deprived and Depraved


    Former-prisoner-turned-Wobbly, organizer and revolutionary Hybachi LeMar offers his invaluable perspective through this collection of writings. The Deprived and Depraved not only gives voice to the voiceless, but provides a clear call to action in the form of organizing the most oppressed, exploited and vilified in this society. Fellow Worker LeMar is currently incarcerated again. ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF HIS BOOK WILL BE SENT DIRECTLY TO HIM to help cover legal fees and other costs associated with incarceration. Additional donations with a note indicating your support of LeMar will also be forwarded to him. Learn More
  10. You Better Work

    You Better Work


    Queer/Trans/Feminist workers' stories ***Procedes go to the IWW Sato Fund, which helps women, trans and gender non-conforming IWW members travel to and attend events. *** Content: Introduction by Colt Thundercat Bathrooms by Gyage Operaista Sexual Harassment by Grace Parker Beyond Fuck You: an organizer's apporach to confronting hateful language at work by FW Coeur de Bord Solidarity against sexism on the shop floor by angel Gardner-Kocher Requred Extraordinariness by Doug Jadzia Sembla Beyond Fuck You 2: workplace organizing against oppressive language and behavior My Body, My Rules: a case for rape and domestic violence survivors becoming workplace organizers by Liberte Locke Learn More

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