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  1. When We Stand Together: Songs of Joe Hill, The IWW, and Fellow Workers

    When We Stand Together: Songs of Joe Hill, The IWW, and Fellow Workers


    A collection of classic songs of labor, featuring previously unheard arrangements of original compositions by famed Wobbly bard, Joe Hill, songs of other fellow workers, and two original compositions including one about Eugene Victor Debs. Learn More
  2. The Past Didn't Go Anywhere

    The Past Didn't Go Anywhere


    Utah Phillips and Ani Difranco

    1. Bridges
    2. Nevada City, California
    3. Korea
    4. Anarchy
    5. Candidacy
    6. Bum on the Rod
    7. Enormously Wealthy
    8. Mess With People
    9. Natural Resources
    10. Heroes
    11. Half a Ghost Town
    12. Holding On


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  3. Starlight on the Rails: A Songbook- Utah Phillips

    Starlight on the Rails: A Songbook- Utah Phillips


    Starlight on the Rails: A Songbook by U. Utah Phillips

    Starlight on the Rails is the most complete collection of Utah Phillip's songs ever released. Spanning 30 years of studio, live, and unreleased recordings from 'The Golden Voice of the Great Southwest,' this definitive set includes Utah's personal reflections about each song. It also includes renditions of Utah's songs by Kate Wolf, Rosalie Sorrels, and many others. Almost five hours on four CDs with a full-color, 12-page booklet included. A must have for any music collection.

    'Utah Phillips is surely one of the nation's most unforgettable characters, as will be attested to by people all over the U.S.A. who have heard him, guitar in hand, hold forth on the ways of the world. What a joy now to have his 'songbooks' available to anyone with a CD player. You will be going through it again and again.' - Pete Seeger

    Disc 1

    1. Songbook Introduction

    2. Utah on 'The Telling Takes Me Home'    
    3. The Telling Takes Me Home    
    4. Utah on 'Yuba City'    
    5. Yuba City [Live]    
    6. Utah on 'All Used Up'    
    7. All Used Up [Live]    
    8. Utah on 'Frisco Road'    
    9. Frisco Road [Live]    
    10. Utah on 'Queen on the Rails'    
    11. Queen of the Rails [Live]    
    12. Utah on 'Wabash Cannonball/Tolono'    
    13. Wabash Cannonball/Tolono    
    14. Utah on 'Weepy Doesn't Know'    
    15. Weepy Doesn't Know [Live]    
    16. Utah on 'Funeral Train'    
    17. Funeral Train [Live]    
    18. Utah on 'Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia'    
    19. Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia [Live]    
    20. Utah on 'Phoebe Snow'    
    21. Phoebe Snow [Live]    
    22. Utah on 'He Comes Like Rain'    
    23. He Comes Like Rain    
    24. Utah on 'The Soldier's Return'    
    25. The Soldier's Return    
    26. Utah on 'Touch Me'    
    27. Touch Me [Live]    
    28. Utah on 'If I Could Be the Rain'    
    29. If I Could Be the Rain    

    Disc 2

    1. Utah on 'Starlight on the Rails'

    2. Starlight on the Rails [Live]    
    3. Utah on 'Talking N.P.R. Blues'    
    4. Talking N.P.R. Blues    
    5. Utah on 'John D. Lee'    
    6. John D. Lee    
    7. Utah on 'Dancers'    
    8. Dancers    
    9. Utah on 'Dog Canyon'    
    10. Dog Canyon    
    11. Utah on 'Look for Me in Butte'    
    12. Look for Me in Butte    
    13. Utah on 'Goodnight Loving Trail'    
    14. Goodnight Loving Trail [Live]    
    15. Utah on 'Daddy, What's a Train?'    
    16. Daddy, What's a Train? [Live]    
    17. Utah on 'Fly Away'    
    18. Fly Away    
    19. Utah on 'Kid's Liberation'    
    20. Kid's Liberation Song [Live]    
    21. Utah on 'Sing in the Spring'    
    22. Sing in the Spring [Live]    
    23. Utah on 'Eddie's Song'    
    24. Eddie's Song [Live]    
    25. Utah on 'Shadow Maker'    
    26. Shadow Maker    
    27. Utah on 'She'll Never Be Mine'    
    28. She'll Never Be Mine [Live]    
    29. Utah on 'Hood River, Roll On'    
    30. Hood River, Roll On    
    31. Utah on 'Stupid's Song'    
    32. Stupid's Song [Live]    
    33. Utah on 'Nevada Jane'    
    34. Nevada Jane [Live]    

    Disc 3

    1. Disc 3 Intro

    2. Utah on 'Collie Wilkins'    
    3. Collie Wilkins [Live]    
    4. Utah on 'Golden Mansions'    
    5. Golden Mansions [Live]    
    6. Utah on 'A Ragged Old Man'    
    7. A Ragged Old Man [Live]    
    8. Utah on 'Orphan Train'    
    9. Orphan Train [Live]    
    10. Utah on 'The Miner's Lullaby'    
    11. The Miner's Lullaby [Live]    
    12. Utah on 'Wolverine 14 Talking Blues'    
    13. Wolverine 14 Talking Blues    
    14. Utah on 'I Think of You'    
    15. I Think of You    
    16. Utah on 'A Clearing in the Forest'    
    17. A Clearing in the Forest    
    18. Utah on 'Rock Salt & Nails'    
    19. Rock Salt & Nails    
    20. Utah on 'Twist and a Pound'    
    21. Twist and a Pound    
    22. Utah on 'Scott's Creek Bluff'    
    23. Scott's Creek Bluff    
    24. Utah on 'Ashes on the Sea'    
    25. Ashes on the Sea    
    26. Utah on 'The Faded Roses of December'    
    27. The Faded Roses of December    
    28. Utah on 'Aces, Straights, & Flushes'    
    29. Aces, Straights, & Flushes    

    Disc 4


    2. Going Away [Live]    
    3. Utah on 'Old Buddy, Goodnight'    
    4. Old Buddy, Goodnight [Live]    
    5. Utah on 'Jesse's Corrido'    
    6. Jesse's Corrido    
    7. Utah on 'Pig Hollow'    
    8. Pig Hollow [Live]    
    9. Utah on 'Enola Gay'    
    10. Enola Gay [Live]    
    11. Utah on 'Larimer Street'    
    12. Larimer Street [Live]    
    13. Utah on 'Walking Through Your Town in the Snow'    
    14. Walking Through Your Town in the Snow    
    15. Utah on 'Room for the Poor'    
    16. Room for the Poor    
    17. Utah on 'Trooper's Lament'    
    18. Trooper's Lament    
    19. Utah on 'I Will Not Obey'    
    20. I Will Not Obey    
    21. Utah on 'Ain't It Fine'    
    22. Ain't It Fine    
    23. Utah on 'Killing Ground'    
    24. Killing Ground    
    25. Utah on 'Judas Ram'    
    26. Judas Ram    
    27. Utah on 'Yellow Ribbon'    
    28. Yellow Ribbon    
    29. Utah on 'Rice & Beans'    
    30. Rice & Beans    
    31. Utah on 'Hymn Song'    
    32. Hymn Song [Live]


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  4. Smokey Dymny- The Smell of Money

    Smokey Dymny- The Smell of Money


    Dollars, Dirt & Desolation

    1. Talking Global Warming

    2. United We Stand

    3. Voting Fixes Nothing

    4. Trust, Trust in Us

    5. White Man's Blues

    6. The Smell of Money

    7. Extreme Golf

    8. The Diggers' Song

    9. Streets of Toronto

    10. General Strike!

    11. The Candidate & the Elector

    12. I Want To Be a Right-Winger

    13. The Axis of Evil

    14. Take a Nap

    15. Anthem

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  5. Let's Just Call You "Quits" Fermented Reptile"

    Let's Just Call You "Quits" Fermented Reptile"


    Considered by many to be a classic LP, this collaboration between Wicked Nut (nka Pip Skid) and Gruf the Druid helped defined the Peanuts & Corn sound. Socially conscious and humorous lyrics over gritty production by mcenroe.

    Track Listing:
    1. Intro
    2. My Savings Account
    3. Letters Never Sent
    4. The Law
    5. Severe Punishment
    6. T.V. Dinner
    7. Thin Line
    8. Urine Sample
    9. Interlude
    10. I Finally See
    11. King Size
    12. Size of Things...
    13. Break Bread
    14. Mask
    15. Simple Me
    16. Miniature Spoons
    17. Accidents Happen
    18. Factory Emissions
    19. Crimes Against Humanity
    20. Star Search
    21. Wild Boar Hunt Learn More
  6. Ici & Maintenant- Fred Alpi

    Ici & Maintenant- Fred Alpi


    1   Information (5:36)
    2   Je Serai Là Quand Tu Veux (4:47)
    3   La Peste (Le Retour), (4:11)
    4   One Man's Luck Is The Other Man's Pain (4:47)
    5   Chanson Pour Joe Hill (3:10)
    6   Citoyen Du Monde (3:16)
    7   4 Jours (4:23)
    8   Entreprise Dieu & Fils (4:32)
    9   Ici & Maintenant (4:29)
    10   L'Heure Bleue (6:04)
    11   2 Cylindres Et 4 Temps (3:51)
    12   Aujourd'hui (3:30)


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