Two Important Things To Know Before Ordering As We Continue Working On The Current Store Site:

  1. PLEASE ASK FIRST IF THE ITEM OR ITEMS YOU ARE ORDERING ARE STILL IN STOCK. Do not send a payment without asking. We are always adding and subtracting items in terms of their availability. Some items haven’t been reordered in years for various reasons. We still carry popular apparel , posters, buttons, patches, stickers, literature, etc. however, it would be safer to always ask first for all items. Chances are if something is lesser known we might not have it in stock now. A SaboCat hoodie will always be easier to obtain than a twenty year old pamphlet on say a lost fiction manuscript from Emile Pouget or an obscure folk singer’s live Midlothian, IL union hall set on a CD from fifteen years ago. So please do not rush to order without double checking with us first.
  2. WE CHARGE SHIPPING FEES ON ALL ORDERS. We are doing our best to make sure all aspects of the site are functioning properly. If you order any item or items they will have shipping and handling added to them. These fees vary depending on the quantity of your order and what the specific item or items are priced at. When more than one item is ordered at once your fee will increase accordingly. You cannot order anything without paying this fee. Donations are exceptions since we are not sending you items through the US Postal Service. Yes we do offer invoices that would give you extra days or weeks to cover what you can’t pay at the moment but that would also include shipping as well if it isn’t paid first. Please ask about the invoice option if you need it. We charged shipping and handling fees on the old site and we will continue to do so on this site.

We thank you in advance for supporting the union. We are trying to make this current website a better experience than the old one for both you customers and the Industrial Workers of the World Literature Department. It will be a work in progress. We are enthused about the greater range of site options offered to us all. Thank you for your patience and understanding.