Rebel Voices


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An IWW Anthology

Edited with Introductions by Joyce L. Kornbluh

Introduction by Fred Thompson with "A Short Treatise on Wobbly Cartoons" by Franklin Rosemont

No group in American labor history has exerted so profound, widespread and enduring an influence as the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), known as the Wobblies, founded in Chicago in 1905.

Welcoming women, Blacks and immigrants long before most other unions, the Wobblies from the start were labor's outstanding pioneers and innovators, unionizing hundreds of thousands of workers previously regarded as "unorganizable." Wobblies organized the first sitdown strike (at General Electric, Schenectady, 1906), the first major auto strike (6,000 Studebaker workers, Detroit, 1911), the first strike to shut down all three coalfields in Colorado (1927) and the first "no-fare" transit-workers' job-action (Cleveland, 1944). With their imaginative, colorful and world-famous strikes and free-speech fights, the IWW wrote many of the brightest pages in the annals of workingclass emancipation.



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