A Shoeleather History of the Wobblies


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Stories of the Industrial Workers of the World in Connecticut

By Steve Thornton
The Shoeleather History Project/Red Sun Press

“This book reveals the fascinating but rarely told story of a vibrant movement of Connecticut’s poorest and most oppressed—immigrants, women, factory workers, and others—to build a better world for themselves and their fellow workers. In the first years of the 20th century, the militant Industrial Workers of the World—known as the “Wobblies”—organized a working class movement based on solidarity across racial, national, gender, and ethnic lines. In this informative and often entertaining book, long-time Hartford labor and community activist Steve Thornton provides an account of their little-known organizing, strikes, and free-speech campaigns in Connecticut. It will make a unique contribution to both the history of Connecticut and the history of American labor. And it will provide inspiration for working people who are trying to liberate themselves from the domination of capital—in Connecticut and around the world—in the 21st century.”—Jeremy Brecher, author of Strike!

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