A Wandering Minstrel Show & Flying Poetry Circus


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A theatrical collage of songs, labor preaching, and wandering minstrel show performed by two veteran troubadours.

"Our new full length CD features seven of our most requested performance pieces (each is approximately six minutes long) – starting with the lively Chandler classic "The United States of Generica" – with some great fiddle playing by Bob Banerjee adding to the mix. Next is "Credit History" – a piece for all the financially over-extended seeking salvation through consumption. Then the fabulous "Prozac" — you can't medicate your way out of all this! Then the chilling blend of the traditional Irish piece "Step It Out Mary" with the Chandler classic "Innocence." Next is "Carnivals" – a look at the new administration. An old favorite "Fast Food Confederacy" is given some a cappella gospel treatment, and closing things out, the dynamic "Things Have Never Been the Same."

1. Generica

2. Credit

3. Prozac

4. Innocence

5. Carnivals

6. Fast Food

7.l Same

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