Colorado’s War on Militant Unionism


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James H. Peabody and the Western Federation of Miners

by George G. Suggs, Jr.
University of Oklahoma Press

“This is by far the best book available on the period of Colorado’s great hard-rock labor strikes during 1903-1904. It is a superbly researched and analyzed study. The writing is concise, crisp, and moves steadily ahead toward the tragic climax. WhileGovernor James H. Peabody is the chief villain, Suggs is objective in his examination of both sides and their leadership. Nothing has surpassed this book in the past decade of scholarship.” – Duane A. Smith

“Suggs’s book remains the state-of-the-art investigation of the pivotal role of state government in the Colorado labor wars of 1903-1904. It is a book whose time has come with the emphasis on conquest, class, and teh role of teh state in the new western history.” – Elizabeth Jameson

“Suggs’s account of the struggle is valuable because his use of the records of the Peabody administration indicates strongly the basic assumption of the governor and his aides that any action, public or private, was justifiable to destroy the union. His intelligent probing of municipal and county records in the strike regions shows how quickly and often illegally the management dominated citizens alliances, gained control of local government, and then ran roughshod over the economic, political, and legal rights of the union men.” – Journal of American History

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