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Empowering Labor Through Computer Technology

Arthur B. Shostak

Although it is hardly publicized, something remarkable is happening to Organized Labor. Key players in the United States and abroad are busy modernizing their communications, and making creative and effective use of computers and other technology. Drawing on “infotech” devices (computer networks, the Internet, video conferencing, fax machines, wireless communication, and multi-media), Labor struggles to renew its “voice” and “ears”, and, in the process, new hope has been stirred that this just might help it transform its organizational culture, refine its mission, and reinvent itself.The road to creating a CyberUnion (the combination of four strategic reform aids — futuristics, innovations, services, and traditions — knitted together with infotech resources into a comprehensive industrial relations model) has already begun and unions already embracing this model are ensuring a position of strength in the 21st century. CyberUnion is a bold plan for Organized Labor to remain strong for many decades to come, and this work examines the components of the model, progress already made, and plans to ensure continued success.

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