Fellow Workers – Utah Phillips and Ani DiFranco


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Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips

Ani and Utah reunite and head to New Orleans for an incredibly intimate concert featuring the members of her touring band.

“This time Phillips is surrounded with all kinds of diverse musical atmospheres: smoldering soul jazz, foursquare folk strumming, and several quirky-loungey hybrids in between – perfect for those who need a little Tom Jones with their Mother Jones.”

1. Joe Hill [Instrumental]
2. Stupid’s Song
3. The Most Dangerous Woman
4. Stupid’s Pledge
5. Direct Action
6. Pie in the Sky
7. Shoot or Stab Them
8. Lawrence
9. Bread and Roses
10. Why Come?
11. Unless You Are Free
12. I Will Not Obey
13. The Long Memory
14. The Silence That Is Me
15. Joe Hill
16. The Saw-Playing Musician
17. Dump the Bosses
18. The Internationale


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