Have You Been to Jail for Justice? – Anne Feeney


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Anne Feeney

Feeney's title track "Have You Been to Jail for Justice?" has found its way into the repertoire of many activists, including Peter, Paul and Mary. Feeney's performance of the song is featured in the anti-corporate globalization video "This is What Democracy Looks Like." Utah Phillips calls her "the best labor singer in North America."

1. Have You been to Jail for Justice?

2. Rebuild America- Keep Hope Alive

3. War on the Workers

4. C.E.O.s (The Plane Wreck at Tuzia)

5. Maquiladoras

6. Courage

7. Whatever Happened to the Eight Hour Day?

8. Who da Bitch Now?

9. The Rich Man's House

10. Spoiled Brats of the Ruling Class

11. The Corporate Welfare Song

12. Widow's Lament

13. For Gene Debs

14. Flowers of Auschwitz

15. Joe Hill

16. The Internationale

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