Hot Off the Press


Includes an original lithograph print by Eric Avery!

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Prints & Politics

Edited by Linda Tyler & Barry Walker
University of New Mexico Press

For years, The Tamarind Papers has provided a forum for the examination of issues related to printmaking. This collection of essays by printers, artists, curators, and historians, the first issue of The Tamarind Papers to be produced in book form, focuses on issues surrounding the interaction of the printmaker with the political realities of society

The New Deal, with its WPA art projects, was a golden age for lithographic printmakers. In this collection are found a tribute to Gustave von Groschwitz, a central figure in the federal Graphhic Arts Division of the WPA in New York; an essay on the imagery in the 1936 calendar of the American League Against War and Fascism; and an essay on and checklist of the prints of Robert Gwathmey, active in the Philadelphia WPA project and concerned with conditions of African Americans in the South.

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