If I Had a Hammer – Pete Seeger


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Songs of Hope & Struggle

1. If I Had a Hammer    
2. Banks of Marble    
3. Which Side Are You On    
4. Casey Jones    
5. Talking Union    
6. Joe Hill    
7. Union Maid    
8. Step by Step    
9. Solidarity Forever    
10. Where Have All the Flowers Gone    
11. Talking Atom    
12. The Crow on the Cradle    
13. Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream    
14. Study War No More (Down by the Riverside)    
15. Bourgeois Blues    
16. River of My People    
17. Hold on (Hand on the Plow)    
18. We Shall Overcome    
19. He Lies in the American Land    
20. Well May the World Go    
21. Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season)    
22. Tomorrow Is a Highway    
23. Oh, Had I a Golden Thread    
24. We'll All Be A-Doubling [#]    
25. Arrange and Rearrange [#]    
26. If I Had a Hammer


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