Images of American Radicalism – Second Edition


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by Paul Buhle and Edmund B. Sullivan

Historians Buhle (Encyclopedia of the American Left, Garland, 1990) and Sullivan (Collecting Political Americana, Christopher, 1991) engagingly document here the history of American radicalism. The more than 1500 illustrations provided. 72 in color are paintings, drawings, cartoons, photographs, lithographs, posters, and other graphics depicting religious visionaries, Shakers, abolitionists, suffragists, anarchists, socialists, Communists, feminists, trade unionists, Civil Rights workers, gay and lesbian activists, environmentalists, and others in their quest for a cooperative society overcoming a competitive capitalism. Richly illustrating the history of American radicalism, Buhle and Sullivan write about limitations and failures, racism, sexism, and repression as well as the accomplishments and successes of the many radical movements. A dual index lists subjects in the text and illustrations. This handsome book is a superb visual approach to an important but little discussed aspect of American social, political, and cultural history. Highly recommended for public and academic libraries. Charles L. Lumpkins, Pennsylvania State Univ., State College

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