In Quest of Heaven


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The Story of the Sunrise Co-operative Farm Community

By Joseph J. Cohen
Factory School

In 1933 a group of workers from New York, Detroit, and Chicago purchased the fourteen square mile Prarie Farm in Michigan’s Saginaw Valley. This is the story of the libertarian collectivist colony known as the Sunrise Co-operative Farm Community. Written by its founder, Joseph J. Cohen, and first published by the Sunrise History Publishing Committee in 1957, In Quest of Heaven describes the growth and development of the colony and offers insight into why it ultimately failed.

“Sunrise stands for a new civilisation, for a new, more just and better way of living. Whatever we do and build here will benefit not only the individuals doing the thing, but the whole group. And this is the way the social structure of the whole human race will in time, through suffering, strife and bitter conflict, reconstruct the relation of men towards each other. Competition and selfishness have ruined the world; co-operation and solidarity are the only things that can save us. Sunrise is built on the rock foundation of co-operation.” — Joseph J. Cohen, 1935

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