Let’s Just Call You “Quits” – Fermented Reptile


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Considered by many to be a classic LP, this collaboration between Wicked Nut (nka Pip Skid) and Gruf the Druid helped defined the Peanuts & Corn sound. Socially conscious and humorous lyrics over gritty production by mcenroe.

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. My Savings Account
3. Letters Never Sent
4. The Law
5. Severe Punishment
6. T.V. Dinner
7. Thin Line
8. Urine Sample
9. Interlude
10. I Finally See
11. King Size
12. Size of Things…
13. Break Bread
14. Mask
15. Simple Me
16. Miniature Spoons
17. Accidents Happen
18. Factory Emissions
19. Crimes Against Humanity
20. Star Search
21. Wild Boar Hunt

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