Look for Me in Butte


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by Mark Ross

1. My Sweetheart's A Mule In The Mines/Butte Miner's Song
2. Butte
3. I Wandered Today To The Hill Maggie
4. Dad's Dinner Pail
5. Marcus Daly Enters Heaven
6. The Butte Newboys Song
7. Only A Miner
8. The Steward Mine Disaster/7 Stacks Of The Neversweat
9. Hey Boys, Let It Ring
10. If We Could But Remeber
11. Goodbye Joe Hill
12. Nevada Jane
13. Letter From A Miners Wife
14. The Situation In Butte
15. The Popular Wobbly
16. Frank Little
17. I Am A Butte Miner
18. The Pigeons They Fly High In Butte, Montana
19. Old Friend
20. Dance Hall Gals
21. Butte
22. Look For Me In Butte

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