Looking East Leftwards


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Former “State Socialist” World, Volume 2

By David Mandel
Black Rose Books

This collection, a critical perspective on the changes occurring in the “post-Communist” world today, covers Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Poland, China, and Cuba. Combining a unique variety of genres — interviews, diaries, and essays — it provides both analytical insight and a concrete sense of the complex socio-political and cultural processes at work in these societies.

Key, in this account of “post-Communist” regime, is an essay by the editor, entitled “Travels Through Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine: Diaries, Summer-Fall 1996”. Other essays include: an account of contemporary Russian political life; a critical look at the ideology and politics of Russia’s main opposition party; an examination of Russian cinema through the work of the director of the prize-winning film of Stalin’s purges Burnt by the Sun; the potential of the Chinese working class for self-emancipation; and the social and political situation in Cuba with its uncertain future in the face of market pressures.

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