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Indonesian Workers Since Suharto

by Dan La Botz

A dynamic new labor movement emerged in Indonesia in the 1990s, helping to bring down the brutal Suharto dictatorship in 1998. Through rare personal interviews with the activists who are leading the rebirth of struggle for democratic rights in the world's fourth-largest country, La Botz draws valuable lessons for workers in the United States seeking to build international labor solidarity.

La Botz brings us inside organizations such as the People's Democratic Party, the new unions battling sweatshops and multinationals like Nike, NGOs, and student groups attempting to forge links with the working class. These forces, he argues, offer the best hope for a truly democratic future for Indonesia.

Dan La Botz is a researcher and organizer with Global Exchange and currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is the author of Mask of Democracy and Democracy in Mexico, both published by South End Press, and Rank-and-File Rebellion. La Botz is the editor of Mexican Labor News and Analysis. His writing appears regularly in Against the Current, Labor Notes, and Z Magazine. He has traveled to Indonesia several times to report on the Indonesian labor movement.

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