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By Michael Kronenwetter
Twenty-First Century Books

Throughout history, protest has been a driving force for change. Some protests are expressed in words–others by actions.

In some forms of government, protest of any kind is banned. In a democracy, the right to protest is one of the most important rights citizens have. Still, not all types of protest are lawful. For example, peace marches are an acceptable protest. Riots are not. Writing letters to government officials is another acceptable way to protest. Blowing up buildings is not. Violence, whether spontaneous or planned, defeats the purpose of protest.

In this book, the author considers various ways people worldwide have chosen to protest–from the nonviolent protests of Gandhi to gain independence for India, to the peace marches of Martin Luther King, Jr. to defeat segregation in the United States, to the massive student protest in Tiananmen Square in China. The author also suggests effective ways young people can protest to bring about change in the government and in their communities.

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