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The Writings of Mary Heaton Vorse

By Mary Heaton Vorse
Edited by Dee Garrison
Monthly Review Press

Mary Heaton Vorse (1874-1966) was a leading labor journalist and feminist whose eloquent writing covered all the major labor and radical events in the United States and Europe in the first half of the century. This collection, which focuses on Vorse’s enduring contribution to labor journalism, includes pieces on the textile workers’ strike in Lawrence in 1912, the steel strike in 1919, the textile workers’ strikes in Passaic and Gastonia in the 1920s, the CIO battles in Michigan and Ohio in the 1930s, and the fight against corruption on the waterfront in the 1950s. Each selection is preceded by an introduction outlining the context and history of these struggles.

As a journalist, Mary Heaton Vorse covered the most important labor battles of this century. But she also wrote as a woman, a mother, and an active participant in the intellectual world of Greenwich Village in the 1920s and in the early years of the women’s suffrage, peace, and birth control movements. An activist and feminist, she wrote of women’s lives as well as struggles for social justice throughout the world. This volume includes selections from each of these areas of her life, as well as rare autobiographical writing on her ongoing effort to reconcile the demands of motherhood with those of her profession.

In an analytical and biographical introduction Dee Garrison rounds out the intellectual and emotional aspects of this very political woman’s life, bringing alive her courage and determination, and making it again part of our heritage.

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