The General Strike


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By Ralph Chaplin

When Ralph Chaplin wrote this pamphlet in 1933, fascism was on the march in Europe and America. He saw the General Strike not just as a broad work stoppage, but rather as the occupation of industry by the workers themselves. It was his belief then that only worker control of industry could combat fascist repression and insure world peace.

This conception of the General Strike influenced the stay-in strikes of the Thirties in the United States and was modified by Japanese workers after World War II when they occupied the industries to make sure that they were kept running. In the 1970’s, workers in Scotland, England, and Italy had militantly taken up the tactic. It has yet to be applied on a mass level once and for all to do away with the dangerous foolishness of private and state ownership of production. It is an idea both revolutionary and constructive with a tremendous future and remains relevant to this day.

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