When We Stand Together – Magpie



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Songs of Joe Hill, the IWW, and Fellow Workers
Performed by Magpie

Track listing:

  1. Workers of The World, Awaken
  2. It’s A Long Way Down To the Soup Line
  3. Bread & Rose
  4. The Rebel Girl
  5. Stung Right
  6. Don’t Take My Papa Away From Me
  7. The Popular Wobbly
  8. Canton 1918
  9. Poor Old Dobbin
  10. The Banks Are Made of Marble
  11. Which Side Are You On?
  12. Mill Was Made of Marble
  13. Build High the Bridge
  14. Borderlines
  15. Something In The Rain
  16. Vientos Del Pueblo
  17. Links on the Chain
  18. Same Boat Now
  19. Paper Heart

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