Flash: A Novel


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By Jim Miller
AK Press

Jack Wilson is a scrappy city journalist bouncing from one alt weekly to the next, trying to eke out a living in the midst of the economic crisis and play role model to his college-aged son. A chance encounter with a faded “wanted” poster in a San Diego library sends Jack deep into the wilds of California’s hidden history, in search of outlaw revolutionary Bobby Flash. As Jack tracks Flash through the IWW Free Speech Fights, the Magonista Revolt, and the first red scare, he uncovers the real story of a forgotten revolutionary world—and learns something about the importance of family in the process.

“If Howard Zinn had written a novel about the IWW in border country during the Mexican revolution, one that was also a family saga and a mystery revealing the secret history of the twentieth century, it would read like Flash, which deals in the rarest of commodities: hope for our future.”—Forrest Hylton, author of Evil Hour in Colombia

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