Haymarket Scrapbook


A profusely illustrated anthology in honor of the 125th anniversary of the Haymarket affair.

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125th Anniversary Edition

By Franklin Rosemont & David Roediger
AK Press & Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company

Marking the 125th Anniversary of the 1886 bombing at Chicago’s Haymarket Square, in a revised and expanded edition co-published by Charles H. Kerr Company and AK Press, this profusely illustrated anthology is divided into three overflowing sections—Martyrs and Their Movements, Defense & Amnesty, and The Haymarket Heritage—which contain hundreds of original documents, speeches, posters, and handbills, as well as contributions by many of our finest labor and radical historians focusing on Haymarket’s varied and enduring influence around the world. This anniversary edition includes a new preface by David Roediger and new essays by Peter Linebaugh and Ron Sakolsky.

A truly comprehensive, engaging, and enlightening work of history!

“A marvelous, massive, very important book.”—Studs Terkel, author of Working

“For the best insight into relations between old anarchist and socialist movements, and a hundred varieties of opinion swirling about them over the last century, get the Haymarket Scrapbook…. A wonderful, big, fat, compendium.”—Pete Seeger

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