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A Live Solidarity Concert

Joe Jencks
Turtle Bear Music (2005)
Performed and recorded entirely with union labor

1.  Step By Step
2.  John Henry
3.  Phil (Spoken Word)
4.  Song of the Rails
5.  Deportees
6.  The Great Fast Food Strike
7.  Which Side Are You On
8.  Christmas in Mansfield
9.  The Everett Massacre (Spoken Word)
10. The House That Jack Built
11.  Real People (Spoken Word)
12. Room Here For Another
13. We Won
14. War On The Workers
15. We Do The Work
16. Bremerton (Spoken Word)
17. Rosie The Riveter Revisited
18. Sixteen Tons
19. Working Class Philanthropy (Spoken Word)
20. Rise As One

“In these times we need the singers who will do the homework and tell the story! Joe Jencks is among the fine next generation artists who are ready to carry on the tradition as well as look into the future.”—Holly Near

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