Just Passing Through


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by Paco Ignacio Taibo II
Cinco Puntos Press

A true left-wing adventure novel with Paco at his post-modern best. In this elegant and literate adventure novel set in 1920’s post-revolutionary Mexico, Paco Ignacio Taibo II is searching for a hero, specifically a leftist hero, and he thinks he has found him in the person of Sebastian San Vicente. But everyone-including the baffled novelist-is trying to figure out exactly who San Vicente really is. There is some record of San Vicente in FBI records during the Wilson era, and some mention of him in anarchist records and rumors, but the rest has to be filled in. And who better to do this than Taibo? Meanwhile-with Taibo busy in the background trying to resolve the mystery of his hero’s identity-San Vicente goes about his heroic avocation of organizing strikes against the capitalists, dodging thugs and hiding out from the Mexican Army.

About the Author:

Paco Ignacio Taibo II is most well known for his mystery series with Hector Balascoran Shayne-the quirky Mexican detective whose body attracts bullets like flies and who refuses to have truck with any kind of authority. PIT II, as he is known in Mexico, was born in Gijon, Spain and moved to Mexico when he has nine years old. He participated in the Student Rebellion that led to the infamous Massacre of 1968 Besides his novels, he is known for non-fiction books, most importantly his books including Guevara, Also Known as Che (St. Martin’s). He is a professor of history at the Metropolitan University of Mexico City. A man who wears many hats, Taibo has been a journalist and magazine editor. He is currently the president of the International Association of Crime Writers and organizer of the annual crime fiction/film festival, Semana Negra, held each summer in Gijon. He also serves as the Chief Archivist for the Cardenas administration in Mexico City. A legend in Mexico and Europe, Paco is now building that kind of stature in the U.S.


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