Masters to Managers


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Historical and Comparative Perspectives on American Employers

Edited by Sanford M. Jacoby
Columbia University Press

Merging perspectives from business and labor history and the social sciences, this volume is an indispensable guide to the development of the modern workplace. Masters to Managers contains eight empirical studies based on original, previously unpublished research by historians, economists, and sociologists. The case studies presented here not only illuminate the past but also serve to deepen our understanding of events in the contemporary workplace.

Masters to Managers covers a wide range of topics: the development of the modern workplace, employer activities in politics and labor markets, the significance of scientific management, antiunionsim in American industrial relations, and more. The essays touch on issues being grappled with by today’s workers, managers, unions, and public officials. Contributors provide a conceptual and historiographical framework for thinking about these issues.

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