No Bosses


Providing hope and direction to sustain commitment on the path to change, No Bosses is about winning a new world.

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A New Economy for a Better World

By Michael Albert
Zero Books

Life under capitalism. Rampant debilitating denial for the many next to vile enrichment of the few. Material deprivation, denial, and denigration. Dignity defiled.

Michael Albert’s book No Bosses advocates for the conception and then organization of a new economy. The vision offered is called participatory economics. It elevates self-management, equity, solidarity, diversity, and sustainability. It eliminates elitist, arrogant, dismissive, authoritarian, exploitation, competition, and homogenization.

No Bosses proposes a built and natural productive commons, self-management by all who work, income for how long, how hard, and the onerousness of conditions of socially valued work, jobs that give all economic actors comparable means and inclination to participate in decisions that affect them, and a process called participatory planning in which caring behavior and solidarity are the currency of collective and individual success.

“Tired of working for a boss but don’t want just to trade your boss for a new boss? Tired of living in a system run by bosses but don’t want to swap it for a system run by other bosses? Take a look at Michael Albert’s No Bosses…. You’ll have a hard time finding a better guide to moving from capitalism to a genuinely free, equal, and participatory economy.”—Jeremy Brecher, author of Strike!

“A prime goal of Albert’s work is to help to reinvigorate that common understanding and to revive the commitment to mutual aid and solidarity, and most important, to spell out in some detail how the goals can be realized.”—Noam Chomsky, co-author of Consequences of Capitalism

“What I love about Michael Albert’s works is that they are about vision and about the possible. He does not argue whether the future that he proposes is probable, but rather insists that it is necessary. [No Bosses] accomplishes just that and is a delight to read.”—Bill Fletcher Jr., racial justice, labor, and international activist, and author of “They’re Bankrupting Us!” and 20 Other Myths About Unions

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