Red Hunting in the Promised Land


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Anticommunism and the Making of America

By Joel Kovel

In the wake of the cold war, an eminent social critic examines the roots of America’s anticommunist frenzy.

“The most original and revealing study of the fear-and-loathing obsession–anticommunism–that has driven [America] loony for most of this century. Every aspect of our lives, public and private, has been debased by this plague. Kovel’s book, in brilliantly showing cause, may offer some sort of cure as we approach a new and hopefully sane century.”–Studs Terkel, author of Working

“The United States, by comparative standards, has been an unusually free society, but with powerful repressive strains that are deeply rooted in its intellectual and political culture. Joel Kovel’s thoughtful and enlightening exploration of these crucial themes helps us not only to understand our past but also to shape a better future.”–Noam Chomsky, author of Consequences of Capitalism

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