Soviet Princeton


A dramatic, never-before-told account of a tense strike that roiled a town, featuring midnight beatings, burning crosses, strike-breaking police, and, throughout it all, coal miners who REFUSED TO BACK DOWN.

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Slim Evans and the 1932-33 Miners’ Strike

By Jon Bartlett and Rika Ruebsaat
New Star Books

When mine owners broke a promise to workers in the midst of the Great Depression, the “Red menace” came to Princeton, BC in the form of Slim Evans, the notorious labor activist who would later lead the On to Ottawa Trek. The town’s establishment mounted a months-long campaign of propaganda and violence against the “outside agitators” and the newly formed union.

Soviet Princeton provides an interesting sidebar as well to Canadian left-labor history, as two years later, one of the main actors in the Princeton drama, Slim Evans, led the On-to-Ottawa Trek of homeless and unemployed protesting the relief camps and their conditions.

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