Upon the Backs of Labour


Upon the backs of labor, the greedy parasites feed.

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Unruly Working Class Essays

By Arthur J. Miller
Edited by Leah Coakley
Black Cat Press

Working people have almost lost their voice of self-expression. Our history, culture, and expressions of our hopes and desires are handed to us by either so-called authorities on labor or as mass market produced commodities.

We need to reclaim our voice of self-expression. We do not need others, with their own purposes, speaking for us. Our reclaiming of our voice will be an act of direct action. For there is no one else, but ourselves, that we can trust to speak for us.

The essays you hold in your hands are first hand accounts of working class life. I am not an authority on labor, I am just a working stiff giving voice to what I see around me. — Arthur J. Miller.

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