Wage Slaves


The story of a woman’s fight for fair pay

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By Daria Bogdanska
Translated by
Hanna Strömberg
Conundrum Press

Daria Bogdanska moves to Malmö to attend art school, sets out to find a job, and discovers that in order to work in the country legally, she needs a Swedish personal identity number. But there is a catch: she can’t get one without securing a job first.

To make ends meet, Daria starts working under the table at an Indian restaurant. There, she discovers another level of inequity: lacking regulation, the underground job market is forcing immigrants to settle for a substandard quality of life. In turning to a union for help she sparks a legal battle that ultimately leads to fairer work practices for the people in her community.

Reminiscent of the style of Julie Doucet, Wage Slaves is the autobiographical story of Daria Bogdanska’s determined struggle to build a life in Malmö, and how she found a way to succeed, against all odds.

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