We Have Fed You All a Thousand Years


Food workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains!

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New York City Food Worker Organizing, 1912-1937

By Kevin Bruce
deadramones Publishing

We Have Fed You All a Thousand Years unearths the forgotten history of militant worker organizing in New York City’s hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, and bakeries. From the wildcat waiters’ strikes of 1912 and 1918, to independent, industrial organizing in the cafeterias and hotels. From Communist Party agitation and organization to the American Federation of Labor’s racketeering trial. From the waitress in the cafeteria, to the driver at the biscuit factory, We Have Fed You All a Thousand Years presents a detailed history of New York City food worker organizing, written by a food worker, for food workers, and about food workers.

Kevin Bruce is a Wobbly and bakery/restaurant worker based in New York City

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