A tale of survival, of moving beyond seemingly insurmountable devastation toward, if not hope itself, then the road to hope.

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Grievers Trilogy #2

By adrienne maree brown
AK Press

In the second installment of the Grievers trilogy, adrienne maree brown brings to bear her background as an activist rooted in Detroit. The pandemic of Syndrome H-8 continues to ravage the city of Detroit and everyone in Dune’s life. InĀ Maroons, she must learn what community and connection mean in the lonely wake of a fatal virus. Emerging from grief to follow a subtle path of small pleasures through an abandoned urban landscape, she begins finding other unlikely survivors with little in common but the will to live. Together they begin to piece together the puzzle of their survival, and that of the city itself.

With this series, which honors anarchist traditions and follows the great Octavia E. Butler’s legacy, Black Dawn seeks to explore themes that do not reinforce dependency on oppressive forces (the state, police, capitalism, elected officials) and will generally express the values of antiracism, feminism, anticolonialism, and anti-capitalism. With its natural creation of alternate universes and world-building, speculative fiction acts as a perfect tool for imagining how to bring forth a just and free world. The stories published by Black Dawn center queerness, Blackness, anti-fascism, and celebrate voices previously disenfranchised, all who are essential in establishing a society in which no one is oppressed or exploited.

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